‘Ghau Ghar Clinic at Jhuwani Community Library, Nepal’

On Sep 23, Jhuwani Community Library (Winner of Public Choice award) conducted ‘Ghau Ghar Clinic’ at the library in partnership with District Public Health Office Chitwan and Bachhauli Health Post where 35 villagers had general health check-up. After this, interaction program with health experts was held to create awareness among pregnant women on “Uterine prolapse”. In the program, 5-episode-videos developed during project period were shown. Each video has educational contents on Uterine Prolapse – for newly married, 0 to 3 months pregnancy, 3 to 6 months pregnancy, 6 to 9 months pregnancy, and Uterine Prolapsed victims and cured cases. Also, knowledge materials were distributed to pregnant women to educate them on uterine prolapsed. 
The library will conduct the ‘Ghau Ghar Clinic’ which means’ village clinic’ in nepali – once in a month from now onward. This will help to create the awareness of uterine prolapse more effectively even after the project period !

Suman Aryal

I'm Suman Aryal. I am from Sauraha, Chitwan. I am 24 years old. I am student of B.ED Level having Mathematics as a major subject studying at sheed smrthi multiple Campus, Ratnagarar, Tandi. I have lots of experience in business field. I worked at Jhuwani Community Library as a IT Administrator. My hobbies are listening, music, playing, Games and sports, reading newspaper an extra story, Travelling Different places, helping poor people, making new friends etc.