Bachhauli declared a “fully literate VDC”

Bachauli VDC of Chitwan has been declared a “fully literate VDC” in a program organized on 19th July, 2014, at Bachauli, Chitwan. Bacchauli is the 18th VDC of Chitwan district to be declared as fully literate. The announcement was made after 828 illiterate people in the VDC were made literate through literacy classes during three-month period under the Literate Nepal Campaign.
The chief guest of the program, Mr. Bharat Mani Pokhrel- Local Development Officer and member of District Education Committee, announced Bacchauli as a “fully literate VDC” and said “The state gives importance to the literacy and education which is very crucial to improve living standard of the people.”

As a part of Literate Campaign, Jhuwani Community Library conducted 40 literacy classes at Bacchauli VDC where 44 facilitators were mobilized to run these classes for three months from April to June, 2014. Other organizations namely Bachauli VDC, Srijansil Community Learning Center and Jhuwani Higher Secondary School supported in regular monitoring of literacy classes.

“In Bacchauli, there were 1024 illiterate people, out of which 828 people became literate and ( Srijansil Community Learning Center Conduct 6 Literacy classes past year for 100 illiterate ) and only 96 people who are above 65 years of age are still illiterate,” Mr.Keshab Raj Acharya, Chairperson of Jhuwani Community Library shared in the program. Now after the campaign, the literacy rate of Bachhauli VDC is 99.12 %.
Mr. Damodar Acharya, Chitwan District Education Office, said “The participants of the literacy classes will be enrolled in various income generation activities to retain their literacy skill.”
Nepal government has set a target to make all illiterate people literate within 2015.